Stable isotope labeling of nucleic acids.

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Three-dimensional representation of the electron shell of a ribonucleic acid in blue with an isotope labeled nucleobase in red.
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Stable isotope labeling
of nucleic acids

What a difference a neutron makes.

The 13C / 15N / 2H-stable isotope labeled RNA phosphoramidites and triphosphates provided by innotope can be utilized to produce tailor made RNA oligonucleotides with the optimized isotope labeling pattern for follow up applications.

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Phosphoramidite bottles used for shipping RNA and DNA amidites from Innotope. These bottles can be connected directly to ABI synthesizers.

Mass Spectrometry

Same, but different.

Innotope offers “heavy” nucleotides and nucleosides with naturally occurring modifications as mass spectrometry standards, focusing on heavy epigenetic modifiers.

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Example of the spectrum obtained from a mass spectrometric study of an m6A nucleoside using a standard from Innotope.

Custom Small
Molecule Synthesis

Our synthesis know-how in your hands.

Innotope has a profound organic synthesis knowledge to support you throughout custom small molecule synthesis projects.

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Schematic representation of possible modifications of nucleosides, triphosphates, and phosphoramidites directly on the ribose or on the nucleobase.


Ready to go.

By capitalizing on our stable isotope labeled RNA phosphoramidites and triphosphates innotope offers an oligonucleotide synthesis service for our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for customoligonucleotide synthesis projects. We provide tailor made RNA oligonucleotides with stable isotope labelling patterns as needed for your project such as:

  • NMR assignment
  • RNA relaxation NMR
  • NMR of RNA modifications
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Three-dimensional image of the backbone of a folded nucleic acid in blue with an isotope-labeled modified nucleobase to be investigated in more detail in red.

Cellolyte – the NMR solvent for cellulosic materials

See the insoluble structure.

Complete your cellulose analytical data with high resolution solution state NMR spectra.

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Benefits of solution state NMR compared to solid state NMR.

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