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By capitalizing on our stable isotope labeled RNA phosphoramidites and triphosphates we offer an oligonucleotide synthesis service for our customers.

Three-dimensional image of the backbone of a folded nucleic acid in blue with an isotope-labeled modified nucleobase to be investigated in more detail in red.

We provide tailor made RNA oligonucleotides with stable isotope labelling patterns as needed for your project, such as:

NMR assignment projects

spotlight on

Position selective labeling allows rapid de novo resonance assignment or helps to resolve ambiguities of preliminary assignments.

RNA relaxation NMR projects

Simply relaxing

The simple spin topologies in innotope’s RNA phosphoramidites and triphosphates allow an artefact free determination of NMR relaxation parameters.

NMR of RNA modifications

small changes with a big impact

Put your focus on changes induced by naturally occurring RNA modifications. Minimal modifications, such as a methylation, can have a significant effect on the molecular features of RNA. Use our stable isotope labeling and RNA synthesis know how to characterize effects induced by RNA modifications.  

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