Cellolyte – the NMR solvent for cellulosic materials

See the insoluble structure.

Cellolyte, known in literature as [P4444][OAc]:DMSO-d6 (w/w 1:4) is an optimized electrolyte for solution state NMR analysis of poorly soluble crystalline cellulosic materials. It gives access to in-depth structural characterizations through different 1D and 2D NMR experiments. In comparison to the commonly used solid state 13C CP MAS techniques, it allows for bulk quantitative information on the chemical composition, through significantly higher resolution and shorter collection times.

Benefits of
solution state NMR

Benefits of solution state NMR compared to solid state NMR.

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Cellolyte solution - [P4444][OAc]:DMSO-d6 (w/w 1:4)
10 g

€ 580,00

25 g

€ 1.250,00

100 g

€ 3.900,00


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